“Innovative Procurement Achieving Sustainable Results”

With 17 years experience in the procurement game our hard earned knowledge enables us to identify and make use of the particular service provider best-suited to our clients’ needs. We source these options then synchronise the pick of the crop with our customers’ unique requirements.

This is achieved by having at our disposal a wide array of service providers as well as our own infrastructure…. then cherry picking the best deal for our clients’ specific need. Be it strategic sourcing, supply chain management or procurement outsourcing, supplier relationship management or global sourcing, whatever your procurement needs, we will source the best solution then manage the delivery process to its completion.  Our knowledge and many contacts ensure our customers always ‘get the best deal’.

We shoulder the hassle of dealing with service providers and at the same time keep them honest. Negotiating all the nitty gritty such as good lead times and fair pricing.  By using us the small guy can become the big guy when dealing with the service providers as our combined usage will earn them the treatment reserved for large accounts.

Many years experience and passion for the industry are obvious however we believe that what sets us apart is our understanding of  the need for ‘real customer service’ . Our vision is to leave every customer (no matter how big or small) delighted by their experience with Blue Apple Procurement Solutions. Customers are our most prized business assets and are treated as such at all times.

By using us you will get the best deal and the best service –every time!